From the recording Never too Late

The story of my very first gig when I was 19.


When i was a kid I dreamed - someday I’d play in country band
(I spent) long hours in my room - with this guitar in my hand
and when I thought I was ready - I couldn’t wait no more
put my name on the bulletin board - at the local music store

I said I can play and sing - country songs, I know em all
Johnny and Hank and Merle - hey wontcha give me a call
just tear off my number - if you need a guitar man
I'm ready, willing and able - I wanna be in a country band

Friday night and my phone rang - and the guy on the other end
said our guitar picker got busted, can you come and sit in?
i showed up that evening - at the american legion hall
Had no idea what I was doin' - but Lord I give it my all

and I played “cold cold heart” and "folsom prison blues"
"help me make it through the night” Lord I was “born to lose”
people danced and clapped somebody said it wasn’t bad at all
and that was all it took, Lord I was hooked and I knew I’d found my call

Now I ain't never made a livin', from this here guitar
I've had a few different day jobs, but on the weekend I'm a star
When I stand in glory before the Lord of all
When He says "son, did ya git er done?" I'll say "yes I found my call"