Part three - A new page

A few months after her passing, I remembered her asking me if was going to record an album and go on the road. I started to think – maybe I should do that.  I needed something to help me get my mind off of losing her.  She had followed her dream of writing a novel and getting it published, maybe I should revisit my dream.

As I was entertaining this fantasy, a little voice whispered in my other ear, “you can’t do that, you’re too old!”  I grabbed my guitar and I quickly wrote a song called “it’s never too late”.  Basically, I just wanted to tell that voice to shut up! During 2016, after the second round of chemo when Wendy was actually feeling a little better – she started doing the edits and re-writes on her second book, to get it ready for publishing!  So yes, I am probably a little bit older than most of the people that are currently recording new music and going out on tour – but I’m still breathing and it’s NEVER TOO LATE.  I reasoned that if my courageous wife was able to work on her dream when she was going through chemotherapy, that I could find the strength to pursue my dream. 

So here I am – I was originally going to just try to record an EP (7 songs) of my recently written material but now it’s going to be 12 songs!  And I’m going on a short tour!  So you know what?  It really is NEVER TOO LATE – here’s to dreams and the magic that dreams bring to our lives!