Give Back - "Never too Late" 

This song is about the most unselfish man I ever knew - my dad.  In 2016 I volunteered to bring some entertainment to the local American Cancer Society Relay for Life.  I decided to gather some songwriters that had written songs about their struggle with cancer or survivor songs or songs about loss.  I had volunteered for this in December of 2015 and the event was to be in June of 2016.  Then in March of 2016 my wife was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer.  When I had the idea to get songwriters to share their songs, I didn't have a song that I wanted to share but I thought that I might write a song about my dad because he passed away from lung cancer back in 1991 (25 years earlier).  So then when my wife was diagnosed it threw me into a tailspin. I didn't have the strength to write a song about that real time experience.  I decided to go ahead and write this song about my dad.  At that same time, my best friend was battling lung cancer and his dad also died from lung cancer (shit - too much cancer in this story!)  The good thing out of all of that - is that when my friend Chuck (who the song "Back Then" is about) heard this song, he told me that it made him tear up - just remembering his dad and my dad. I ended up performing this song at the Relay for Life and it continued to be one of my favorites. 

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